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Mapping Controversial Memories

How is the plurality of urban cultural heritage perceived and how is it taken into account in the urban development in Beijing, Mexico and Rome?

ETICity is involved in the two-years project “Mapping controversial memories in the historical urban landscape: a multidisciplinary studies in Beijing, Mexico City and Rome“, analysing socio-spatial effects of an historical urban landscape approach. The project will explore three different neighborhoods in Beijing, Mexico City and Rome, searching for the multiple relations between urban landscapes and collective memories.

ETICity will support the researchers in Rome, cooperating in neighborhood selection, urban explorations and development of research issues.

The project is also related to UNESCO Recomendation concerning the Historical Urban Landscape, a recent normative tool, which is open to interpretations and requiring to be tested in different cultural contexts around the world.

The project is financed by Swiss Network for International Studies, with UNESCO patronage.

ETICity at work here!

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